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Report on Recent Events

I just wanted to say a special thanks to everyone for making yesterday's
planting and music event so very special.  I had lots of people come up
and tell me we should do this more often, and I think if we can look at
how to draw crowds, we might give it a shot.  There is nothing planned
at the moment, but we might look at what we can do to draw the community
together and have fun!

All the best,


4th of July at Elwell Park

July 4, 2007 - A big thank you goes out to our President Diane Wilder for coordinating this year's event. She rallied to add volunteers and kept this neighborhood tradition alive. Photographs will be added in the coming days.  First item to report, however are the results of the field games.
25 Yard Dash
Ages 3 & 4 : 1st- Maddie Westfall, 2nd - Theodore Kroy, 3rd - Elise Ingram.      Ages 5&6 : 1st - Griffin Gallagher, 2nd - William Gardner, 3rd - Jacob White.    
50 Yard Dash
Ages 7-9 : 1st -Tate Gallagher, 2nd - Rebecca Graham, 3rd - Jared Slear.     Ages 10-12: 1st Stephen Scornajenghi, 2nd - Nate Frank, 3rd - Alex Gusikoff.     Ages 13-17 : 1st place Zachary Ferrar, 2nd - Nick Nordberg, 3rd - Cameron King.        18 & above - 1st - Ryan Heggarty, 2nd - Matt Lozano, 3rd - Stu Krissinger.
3- Legged Race - Ages 3 & 4
1st - Elise Ingram & Christian King... Others DNF.      Ages 5 & 6 : 1st - Julia DeSantis & Emma Wilson, 2nd - Abby Krissinger & Maddie Westfall, 3rd - Amanda Devine & Senah Heines.  Ages 7 - 9 : 1st - Julien Gruber & Grainne Galvin, 2nd - Leah Magidson & Hayden Posencheg, 3rd - Naomi Detre & Sara Luzuriaga.     Ages 10 - 12 : 1st - Rebbeca Houston & Hannah Lafferty, 2nd - Richard Kirby & Nathan Lippowitz, 3rd - Jackson Bistrong & Alex Gusikoff.      Ages 13 - 17 - 1st Anna Lippowitz & Nathan Lippowitz, 2nd - Zach Ferrar & Nick Nordberg.            Age 18 & Above : 1st - Tate Gallagher & Mother, 2nd Place Tanya Schreiber & Dab Schreiber, 3rd - Mike Posencheg & Christine Posencheg.
Sack Race
Ages 3 & 4 : 1st - Elise Ingram, 2nd - Zoe Gussikoff, 3rd - Elsa Daily     Ages 5 & 6 : 1st William Gardner, 2nd - Griffin Gallagher, 3rd - Luke Graym.     Ages 7 - 9 : 1st - Tate Gallagher, 2nd - Lily Frankel, 3rd - Juliana Alderson.     Ages 10 - 12 :  1st - Stephen Scornajanghi, 2nd - Aidan Lowe, 3rd - Shannon Ferrara.     Ages 13 - 17 : 1st - Zach Ferrar, 2nd - Nick Nordberg, 3rd - Jeremy Smith.     Ages 18 & Above : 1st - Dan Gallagher, 2nd - Bill Gardner, 3rd - Chas Burkhart.
Water Balloon Toss
Ages 3 & 4 : 1st - Elise Ingram & John Marsala, 2nd - Abby Weideman & Theodore Knox.     Ages 7 - 9 : 1st - Tate Gallagher & Jared Slear,  2nd - Anthony Warnock & Michael Warnock, 3rd Tie : Adam Ingram & Griffin Lloyd and Hannah Posencheg & Hayden Posencheg.     Ages 10 - 12 : 1st - Jackson Bistrong & Alex Gusikoff, 2nd - Jack Nordberg & Stephen Scornejunghi, 3rd - Sydney Frankel & Lexi Rubin.     Ages 13 - 17 : 1st - Shannon Ferrara & Vermiza Mitchell, 2nd - Anna Lippowitz & Nathan Lippowitz, 3rd - Nick Nordberg & Zach Ferrar.     Ages 18 & Above : 1st - Chas Burkhart & Dan Gallagher, 2nd - Anthony Marsala & Jennifer Marsala, 3rd - Brian Harlick & Joe Harlick.


A meeting with Commissioner Holmes along with Lt. Moore of the Haverford Police Department was held with local residents. Over 100 residents were in attendance. The questions and concerns primarily centered around the serious assault of five young boys while on the grounds of the Chestnutwold School on 5/4/07. Two of the boy’s mothers were in attendance, and many of the residents of out community reached out to them with sympathy and support. It was an emotional meeting and many important concerns were expressed. Many of the attendees expressed concern about the increase in crime and vandalism, the requested more of a visible police presence, and the possibility of forming a town watch was discussed. Many felt that since the problems did not end at County Line Blvd. that we should coordinate with officials in Lower Merion Township.

Commissioner Holmes stated he will be scheduling another meeting soon to continue this discussion. For more information about this meeting and how other townships address these issues. Please contact Bill Halpin at or at (610)331-1349.

Bill Gardner

Saba Volunteer Coordinator


STREAM CLEAN-UP  May 19th from 10:00 to noon
SABA and the Chestnutwold PTO, with its Root to Shoots group, will be coordinating a creek clean-up on May 19 from 10:00 to noon, rain or shine.  The coordinator for this local event is Liz Cochran and she can be contacted at 610-642-8668 or at for information or to sign up.  In the past, SABA organized one creek clean up in the early summer.  While every year the creek looks a little better, unfortunately trash builds up faster than we would like.  Therefore, SABA and the PTO might try to plan two or three of these events (perhaps spring, summer, and fall) to help the creek show its potential as an attractive feature of the neighborhood.  Please consider coming out to help.


Halloween Parade & Haunted House
Haunted House Volunteers from 2005
The weather was cold, but the rain held off for this year's event.  This was probably the last year for the Haunted House, but the Halloween event we hope will continue to grow. 

2007 HALLOWEEN EVENT - Saturday before Halloween.

Terry and Peter Jensen coordinated this event which put center stage a number of areas musicians.  Music for all ages was part of the schedule. It was a very enjoyable way to enjoy a day in the park.




Planting at Normandy Park

I want to send out a most hardy thank you to everyone who helped with
this year's Spring Planting Event at Normandy Park.  Many people
provided plants from their yards and there were lots of helping hands of
all ages to put them into the freshly prepared beds.  Bill Halpin
deserves a special word of thanks for removing sections of the hedge
along with several junks trees that were detracting from the park more
than adding to the beauty.  He also lent his eye for design and color to
guide us with arranging the plants.  All in all, this was a true group
effort, with many individuals helping out.  It always warms my heart to
see so many people, and new faces every time, coming out to work
together selflessly for the sake of the community.

With every one of these events, the property looks and feels more and
more like a real park.  By now, the changes are evident even as you
drive past.  The flower beds make the entrances to the park welcome you
in.  You can see more children playing there and other people just
enjoying the space.  And there is more yet to come.  We will hold our
next large planting event in the fall, but progress will continue
throughout the summer.  As the growing season continues, if you find you
have other plants you wish to donate to the park, contact Bill Halpin at or at 610-331-1349.  Also, we are in the
process of making the final decision about benches and picnic tables
that will be purchased for the park.  Some benches will be bought by
SABA.  The township will provide some funds.  Also, individual donations
can be made to SABA to purchase a bench or picnic table as a gift,
possibly in memory of a loved one.  Details about the park furniture and
how to donate to one as a gift will be provided soon.

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to
Normandy Park.  I have already heard from many people how impressed they
are with how good it looks.  Your efforts will be enjoyed by everyone.

Bill Gardner
SABA Volunteer Coordinator




To sign up or volunteer for an event, see our "Officers and Service Area Map" page.

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