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South Ardmore Betterment Alliance (SABA) P.O. Box 772, Ardmore, PA 19003

How to Join

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Get Involved!
How to Join

Here’s what you can do – the South Ardmore Betterment Alliance is staffed with volunteers.  We need help in many different areas.  Please send a tax-deductible membership gift.  Every dollar contributed by neighbors will go a long way toward organizing neighborhood events and helping with the quarterly newsletters.


I can attend the monthly Planning Commission Meetings and Township Commissioner meetings.

I can help organize the Fourth of July.

I can distribute flyers as my street block captain.

I can plan neighborhood events.

I can help with marketing and communications (we need a new designer!).

I am interested in                                                                                                                                           .


Checks may be made payable to SABA,

You will receive a thank you when your gift is received.  

Member Information

Our Vision


To amplify the civic voice and ensure resident participation in shaping the future of south Ardmore;


To keep south Ardmore a livable and safe community;


To support the police, fire/rescue, school, and utility services within the neighborhood;


To build a brighter future for the place we call home.  

This house was part of the new park purchase

Recent Events

Here are some of our accomplishments this past year (February 2002 – February 2003).


- We organized as an incorporated non-profit.  We have elected officers, defined our neighborhood street boundaries, written bylaws and have registered as a nonprofit with the State of Pennsylvania.  We established goals for the alliance and identified residents with the interests and skills to assist with alliance management.  We hold monthly meetings to which all neighbors are invited.  We also have asked to join the local Civic Council.


- Our next achievement was to inform the neighborhood of activities that affect all of us.  We were lucky to have neighborhood volunteers who were designers and our newsletter distribution with recruited volunteer block captains helped us meet neighbors to continue to build a friendly sense of community.  We continue to work with the Sixth Ward Commissioner George Twardy for neighborhood resources and information.  Our neighborhood email list now has more than 200 names (we do approximately four mailings a year to the entire community but email announcements are regular).  Please add your email to the list!  


- We hosted the Summer Citizens Forum to bring neighborhood safety and zoning concerns to the attention of the Township.


- We co-sponsored the Outdoor Movie Night with the Beechwood Civic Association and co-sponsored the Circus.


- We have brought many neighbors to the monthly Township Commissioners’ meetings to voice our concerns over development of the Recchuiti property, and we have supported the ward Commissioner’s vote to begin condemnation proceedings for the property.


- We began this fall to document obvious safety and zoning violations in the neighborhood and have contacted the Township (and will continue to work with the Township) to bring violators into compliance.


This spring we will ask everyone in the neighborhood to support our community group with a membership gift.  I am writing to you knowing of your special interest in having a strong neighborhood association.  In this way we will have the funds available to celebrate a spectacular Fourth of July party at Elwell Field as well as once again to host other activities for the neighborhood.  Please consider a gift and please join us by bringing your own skills and interests to our group as a volunteer!


With best wishes from Aubrey Avenue,




Diane L. Wilder

President, SABA

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.

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